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Our Maine hardy lilac bush plants are grown outdoors from cuttings - always guaranteed true to name.
Our lilac bush plants are raised in soil rich in compost and other natural additives. Directions for planting lilac bush plants are included with all orders.
Sorry, we do not sell fresh cut lilac flowers, check with a florist for those. Also, we do not sell lilac seeds. We do sell Lilac plants. Plants grown from cuttings only. {Lilac plants grown from seeds can take ten years or more to bloom! } Seed pods on lilac bushes are usually pruned off allowing the plants energy to make new growth and set flower buds for the following year

The Lilac bush is a perennial favorite. Spicy and sweet scented describes the mid season blooming cultivars. Early Lilac bush plants also have that distinctive scent. Late blooming varieties keep the fantasy alive a couple more weeks. There are now hundreds of cultivars of Lilac bush plants. No longer are they just a pretty shade of Lavender. Flowers of White Lilacs glow and shades of pink have become popular as have the darker purple lilacs and blues and red lilac bushes.
The flowers of the Syringa Vulgaris Lilacs and Hyacinthefolia cultivars have the true old fashion Lilac bush scent. Prestonia Lilac bush vanities have a flowery scent much like a florist shop. The Lilac bush is easy to care for. Give it sun, a sweet soil and not too much water. Removing the old blossoms right after the flowers go by will encourage the lilac bush to make more flower buds for the next year.
Lilac bush plants are a delightful addition to your Spring flower garden. Use the lilac blossoms as fresh cut flowers throughout the house. As a perennial shrub the Lilac bush is very hardy with most of the Vulgaris vanities cold hardy through zone 2. On the warmer side most all Lilac bush plants do well through zone 6. There are a few Lilac bush plants that will live and bloom in slightly warmer climates. The Hyacinthefolia varieties and Miss Kim cultivar may produce flowers in zones 7 & 8 as well as in the cooler zones.
The mature Lilac bush varies widely in size from dwarf cultivars of only three feet to the large old fashioned Vulgaris types that can reach fifteen feet. Plus the Japanese Lilac Tree grows 10 to 30 feet depending on varitiety. Lilacs are perennial plants.
Lilac bush plants flower all through the month of June and a little beyond here in Maine. Blooms of purple, lavender and blue Lilacs are as pretty as the red, pink and white Lilacs. Hyacinthafolia cultivars open the earliest in our yard followed closely by the Syringa Vulgaris cultivars. Syringa Prestonia extend the bloom time and the Reticulata, White Japanese Tree Lilac, flowers in July to finish up the season.
In Maine the Prestoni cultivars, also known as late Lilac, make excellent companion plants when combined with Rosa Rugusa Roses. The late Lilacs come into flower at the same time as the Roses which are nicely scented on their own.
Still not sure which is best for you ? Read more about choosing the right Lilac bush for your yard.
Choosing Lilacs

Maine hardy Lilac bushes for sale.

Lilacs bloom in the spring.
Lilacs are a perennial deciduous shrub.
Lilacs bloom in early, midseason & late varieties.
Lilacs come in many colors but I have never seen an orange Lilac.

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